What’s Brewing in Bravo!


There’s always something new in the brew at Bravo Brewhouse!

Our craft beer flavours are expertly curated and created by our in house flavour maestro. Our brews are raised to perfection in our on site smart brew system.

Check out our exclusive Bravo craft brews currently on tap in Bravo Brewhouse

You never know… you may just find a new favourite!

Nightshade Stout

What better then a hearty stout to conclude your evening?

Introducing our Nightshade Stout exclusively to Bravo Brewhouse. 

This is a quintessential English Stout with a stunning aroma, a mildly-bittering earthy taste and a sweet, silky body. 


East Kent Goulding

ABV 6.2% IBU30

Two 2 Tango Pacific Ale

She’s got a little more body and a tad more fruity, that’s why it takes Two 2 Tango!

Our delicious pale ale with a light, bright haze! With hints of passionfruit and tropical undertones, Two 2 Tango is a light, crisp and balanced brew determined to make your tastebuds dance.


Galaxy & Centennial

ABV4.5% IBU13

Romeo & Juliet Session Ale

They say true love never dies! Especially when it’s a combination like our session ale. 

Delicately balanced complex malt and hop characters, just like Romeo and Juliet! 

Featuring citrus, tropical & floral hop notes with a refreshing finish.


Cascade, Amarillo & Citra

ABV 3.5% IBU16 

‘Lager Than Life’ Lager

We couldn’t be a Queensland brewery without a Lager gracing our taps!

Featuring a hearty aroma and a bitter profile our Bravo brewed lager is truly “Lager than Life”. 



ABV 5.0% IBU19

WTF (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot) West Coast IPA

Try our newest West Coast Indian Pale Ale in Bravo Brewhouse. 

With hints of citrus flavours and grapefruit finished with tropical fruits.

This brew is light in body with an intense, lingering bitterness due to the delicious extra touch of a variety of hops.


Citra, Centennial & Simcoe

ABV 6.5% IBU39 


Brown Snake Ale

Introduing our Brown Snake Dark Ale, named after Brisbane’s own ‘Brown Snake’ the Brisbane River.

Our Brown Snake Dark Ale is a well-balanced brew, with a smooth malt and hoppy finish.

This Dark Ale features the refreshing scent of citrus fruits combined with a rich coffee hint. 



Galaxy & Amarillo

ABV 5.4% IBU22

She’ll Be Apples Cider

This one of a kind Apple Cider has a delightful aroma of fresh apples, a medium-dry palette and is served on ice with a lime wedge.

The perfect balance of the sweet, acidic and crisp apple flavours will make your tastebuds dance and sing all day long!


ABV 4.5%